Public procurement and state aid

As a result of being able to access EU resources, an increasing number of market players decide to apply for subsidies for procurement purposes. Therefore, the importance of having sufficient knowledge on public procurement regulations is no more limited to organizations and enterprises in the public sector.

As a market player, it is almost inevitable that irrespective of its size and revenue, an enterprise becomes a supplier to state or government orders, in other words, submit a tender in a public procurement procedure and conclude a contract with the authority.

Our law firm has been an active participant in the public procurement sector for the last 8 years, both in terms of conducting public procurement procedures and acting as advisor in tender procedures for drawing down EU resources. We have been providing ongoing legal advice to clients in the market sector on public procurement related matters, and we have also been supporting tenderers to facilitate their success. Recently, we have also participated in quality control projects, which participation enables us to utilize our expertise obtained in the legal field of EU law and other state aid areas.

We also utilize our extensive experiences in public procurement in other tendering procedures for companies in the telecommunications and energy sectors, among many others. We have also assisted companies in conducting special, unregulated tender procedures.
We are committed to sharing our knowledge on public procurement with experts of this field, our colleagues are permanent lecturers in institutes providing trainings on public procurement.

How we can help you?

  • Full-scale conduct of public procurement procedures on behalf of the contracting party (preparation and conduct of public procurement procedures, conclusion of contract, modification of contract (if necessary), completion of tasks related to the performance of the contract)
  • Compilation of tender documents/bids on behalf of tenderers, assessment of public procurement contracts, representation in meetings and negotiations aimed at contracting (depending on the type of the public procurement procedure)
  • Legal representation in procedures for legal remedy (preliminary dispute settlement, procedure before the Public Procurement Committee, legal representation in lawsuits)
  • Preliminary quality assurance of public procurement procedures prepared by contracting parties
  • Review and supervision of public procurement procedures and related contracts
  • Trainings and lectures on public procurement
  • Full-scale conduct of other tender procedures, participation in the conclusion of contracts