Environmental law

Environment protection law is present in every branch of economic law

Although the most important questions of our environment law are regulated by a separate law on the general rules of protecting the environment, there is no independent environment protection right as such either in practical legislation or in the context of the jurisprudential system of the branches of law. At the same time, there is no practical area within the economic law which has no environment protection law aspect. An example would be any production plant, but the obtaining of an environmental study or a permit in environment protection-related administrative proceedings are also very often a basic requirement for launching a service-providing business. From real estate law (from a real estate development point of view) to competition law, from public service law to aviation law, there are crucial environment protection requirements to fulfil.

In a large proportion of economic law suits, decisions on environment protection law-related questions often settle the case; just remember the complex civil law suits of airports regarding noise pollution or legal disputes of environmental catastrophes.

Environment protection, and especially waste management, are such heavily-conflicted areas within economic life that require a deep insight into and knowledge of complicated regulations, as well as a special legal regime ? just look at the system of environment protection fees.

Our experts, skilled in all of the above-mentioned areas, are ready to give assistance in both transactions, project development or complex litigation.

What our law firm offers:

  • Preparation and management of risk assessment for acquisitions, framing and setting up the appropriate warranty systems;
  • Management of environment protection-related risks of project developments, administrative authorization procedures;
  • Preparation and review of environmental management, for example, waste management contract systems, and assistance in the related public procurement procedures;
  • Advising and assistance in civil legal disputes concerning environmental damage, noise pollution, waste management and legal disputes about such matters leading to administrative procedures.