Mergers and acquisitions (M​&A)

Distinct preparation, precise execution for efficient operation

In most cases, cost reduction requires the rationalization of corporate structures, which often calls for the precise planning of mergers (by acquisition or by the formation of a new company) and demergers, in order to execute the restructuring with the best possible timing and thus create a structure feasible and efficiently operable. Therefore, appropriate organization is the key element of corporate restructuring. The participants need to be properly informed so that they can carry out their shares of the workload in time.

During acquisitions ? after preparing the necessary letters of intent, and based upon client needs, we prepare either a full scope or a so-called ?red flag? report, in which we highlight the most essential issues. When compiling the transactional documentation, we also carry out a legal due diligence and arrange for any other tax, financial or environmental due diligence.

What our law firm offers:

  • Internal restructuring both in Hungary and abroad (cross-border mergers);
  • Acquisitions;
  • Termination of companies;
  • Preparation of corporate and other internal procedures of active companies.