Real property and construction projects

Every successful green field and brown field investment is preceded by very thorough planning and preparation covering every single detail. This includes prescient and detail-oriented legal planning, and legal advice that covers and even exceeds the first moment of the investment, the laying of the foundation stone and the opening ceremony of the factory.

High-profile legal preparatory work for investments requires expertise in several areas of expertise, enabling the lawyer to advise the client in both the implementation of the necessary corporate structure, obtaining the selected property, or in relation to agreements concluded by administrative bodies or contractors.

What our law firm offers:

  • Planning and setting up the ideal corporate structure for the investment;
  • Preparation of a legal due diligence report on the selected real estate;
  • Preparation of lease or sale and purchase agreements;
  • Participation in negotiations with local governments, business parks or any other owners in relation to the selected real estate;
  • Participation in negotiations with administrative bodies and local governments toward concluding agreements;
  • Assistance in concluding financing agreements;
  • Assistance in the preparation of building contracts (FIDIC included), participation in negotiations with the contractor;
  • Review and analysis of construction provisions regarding the location of the investment;
  • Assistance with any other agreements regarding the real estate or the factory or the operation of the factory.