Disputes and litigation

Efficient legal representation in cases from debt collection to complex economic legal disputes and tax litigation

As a result of the financial crisis, economic players more and more often encounter debt collection scenarios or face legal disputes relating to their company activities. The well-known circumstances of sluggish, complex and expensive legal solutions put the emphasis on experience in litigation, wide knowledge of the constantly changing regulations and technical competence. Réti, Antall & Partners specializes in, and has significant expertise in litigation. Our lawyers undertake cases of both ?traditional? legal representation in economic disputes and cases in competition, administrative and tax litigation, too. In the latter areas, we work together with the tax experts of PwC, which promotes both the transparency of the dispute and the efficient representation of our clients. Our law firm is also prepared to manage debt collection, possessing both the required IT background and qualified administrators.

What our law firm offers:

  • Legal representation in economic legal disputes;
  • Management of debt collection and portfolios of the debtors;
  • Legal representation in judicial reviews of orders issued by authorities (tax authority, competition authority, consumer protection bodies, etc.);
  • Ongoing advising in litigation.