Pharma and health

Complex solutions for complex questions – at a high professional quality

The health care industry around the world – likewise in Hungary – has been undergoing a radical transformation: electronic and online solutions, biotechnology and patient-centered care have been gaining space. Meanwhile, increasing cost-consciousness, stricter and stricter regulations significantly restrict the possibilities of the market players. Therefore, the market players of the Pharma industry, as well as the health industry must react fast and efficiently to the challenges of the ever-changing regulations and economic surroundings.

Most questions of the sector require complex approach and management. Our specialists prefer to apply the – all-in-one – perspective when examining certain questions which touch upon several legal fields. In addition to the legal assessment, if requested by the client, we can arrange for related taxation and financial assistance, cooperating with the experts of PwC.

What our law firm offers:

  • Legal advising regarding drug promotion activities, analysis of marketing structures from a compliance point of view, legal representation in surveillance procedures (contracts with health professionals, takeover of appliances, donations and catering services, financial aid for participation at conferences, marketing activities aimed at patients, online marketing;
  • Action against activities of competitors, which threaten to or actually violate regulations: legal advice and representation of the client in procedures of competition law, trademark infringement or unlawful imitation;
  • Legal advice in therapeutic loyalty and adherence programs, preparation and supervision of the related agreements;
  • Preparation and supervision of clinical trial and observation agreements, related advising, legal representation of pharma companies in procedures accompanying the trials;
  • Contracts for medical sales representatives including the conditions of the employment, liability issues, preparation and supervision of contracts;
  • Trainings and legal advice in relation to dawn raids (procedures applicable by the National Institute of Pharmacy, as well as the Hungarian Competition Authority);
  • Legal advice in relation to the distribution and marketing of, and authority supervision on medical devices, medical aids, food supplements;
  • Due Diligence and M&A in the pharma & healthcare sector;
  • Legal services in relation to regulatory and licencing matter related to healthcare services.