Telecommunications and media

Fast reactions, proactive solutions

Media and Telecommunications are currently among the most dynamically developing industries.

One of the sector?s biggest challenges is to keep up with the technological development and to adjust demands to the altered circumstances. As compared to other sectors, enterprises with the most fitting innovation potentials are most likely to thrive in the rearranged markets, whereas others fall behind into oblivion.

In this sector, expertise and knowledge of the relevant and related regulations, as well as the sector itself are a must. Our law firm obtained its first experiences within regulated sectors in advising enterprises active in the areas of Media and Telecommunications. Certain companies have been our clients right from the start; we assisted them in transactions, and, among other legal fields, provided data protection- and competition law-related legal services to them. In recent years, we have given them support in specific questions such as the possibilities of obtaining rights of Telecommunications networks or using such networks, or the development of a complex, multi-player service model involving the public sector, as well.

What our law firm offers:

  • Legal due diligence of the enterprises of the sector, assistance in transactions;
  • Obtaining infrastructural rights within the Telecommunications sector;
  • Legal advice in relation to setting up Telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Development of vertically integrated market service models.