IT law and intellectual property (IT/IP)

Beyond the firewall: IT security and agreements tailored for client needs

Secure and liable IT systems are of key significance to all companies. Agreements which duly follow IT processes and set out their back-up system can considerably reduce risks of changes in IT and system operations. When implementing service centers, cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS) services and the related risks the company is subject to, customized IT agreements well worth considering.

Depending on your needs, our lawyers can start assisting you in designing the system by keeping direct contact with the IT department of the company, if required. We focus on providing our clients with tailor-made IT solutions. Our services guarantee cost-effective implementation and operation of IT solutions that comply with the applicable regulations. In sectors regulated by IT security, general knowledge of IT law is often not enough – our experience and expertise in safeguarding legal compliance within the sector are essential.

Due to the new, stricter data protection rules and sanctions, companies that lack appropriate data protection processes are subject to a wide scale of offenses. Data protection rules, through the systematic and legally-harmonized preparation of the related procedures, and the regular review thereof, can help eliminate data protection risks.

What our law firm offers:

  • Preparation and update of customized agreements for software development, system implementation, operations support services, as well as service-level agreements, according to IT implementation and operations processes;
  • Legal representation in litigation related to IT and IP-law;
  • Legal advice in other IP-related topics (especially trademarks, protection of commercial names, implementation of corporate know-how and other intellectual properties);
  • Preparation of data protection regulations, development and supervision of data protection processes, procedures;
  • Full scope data protection due diligence.