Labour law

From individual employment relationships to global regulations

Due to accelerated economic processes and changes in legal provisions, every company pays special attention to employment law. Besides, Hungary’s introduction of the new Labor Code has substantially modified employment, thus implying the making of several significant decisions in the near future.

Under such circumstances, the expectations of our clients have also changed. Not only do they expect to be informed on rules and norms, but want complex legal solutions which cover related jurisdictional areas, permissions issued by authorities, and in addition, the appropriate application of taxation and social security regulations in connection with employment.

For our clients, thoroughly-considered and well-prepared systems of internal provisions, as well as the introduction of the related practical rules may result in significant savings and a feasible internal structure. Therefore, the key to a successful company operation is the proper and efficient application of labor law regulations.

Our specialists have more than 10 years of expertise in employment law. They have wide knowledge of both individual employment law-related questions and topics concerning employment in a group of companies, thus providing high-level services to clients satisfying international expectations, too.

What our law firm offers:

  • Preparation of employment contracts, employment contracts for executive officers, corporate provisions and regulations;
  • Topics related to the employment of foreigners;
  • Termination of employment contracts including mass redundancy;
  • Employment law disputes, questions related to collective employment;
  • Preparing companies for the new employment regulations – outsourced trainings.