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Data Protection Law

The Data Protection and Technology Group of Réti Várszegi & Partners Law Firm has unique experience and expertise in the field of data protection law. Our clientele and its activities range from market-leading international company groups to startups and from small businesses to public sector organisations and sports clubs. Our colleagues regularly advise clients in the banking, automotive, commercial, energy, sports and telecom sectors, to mention only a few.

In addition to more traditional data protection areas such as marketing and human resources, our team has outstanding expertise when it comes to current and rapidly changing issues such as e-commerce, the data processing aspects of webshops and online platforms, as well as data transfers in the digital space. Our work includes projects aimed at GDPR compliance, analysis of specific data processing scenarios, as well as data protection support for innovative solutions such as self-driving vehicles or mobile apps. A unique strength in our service is that we also provide day-to-day DPO services to a number of clients, employing, as the case may be, thousands of employees and having extraordinarily diverse and complex data processing operations. This results in an in-depth understanding, which allows us to provide our clients with practical solutions that consider not only the legal, but business, operational and efficiency aspects to the fullest extent possible, while maintaining a sound theoretical basis.

How can our attorneys help you?

  • Legal support aimed at compliance with the GDPR and other sectoral legislation, either generally or covering particular areas, according to the specific needs and priorities of the organisation
  • Providing day-to-day support for data protection compliance, preparing and reviewing the necessary documentation, advising on data subject rights and data breaches
  • Data protection services with a specific focus on employment law, including electronic surveillance systems, legitimate ways to monitor company devices and technology used in recruitment processes
  • Representation in the procedures of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (in Hungarian:“Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság”) and in litigation procedures with data protection relevance
  • Reviewing international data transfers and preparing the required guarantee mechanism frameworks ensuring lawfulness
  • Evaluating relationships and agreements with subcontractors from a data protection perspective, drafting data-processing agreements and joint data-processing agreements
  • Full-scale data protection support for websites, online platforms, and mobile applications
  • Legal advice on corporate digitalisation and innovative technologies such as e-signatures, biometrics, big data, blockchain, drones and self-driving vehicles
  • Data protection-focused due diligence and support during transactions and restructurings
  • Data protection officer (DPO) service