Competition law and consumer protection

Be proactive and avoid trouble!

Competition law has been a constant presence in the everyday life of businesses. Decisions of greater significance, practically speaking, are almost always impacted by competition law. Therefore, business decision makers have to think proactively if, for example, a cooperation agreement or the establishment of a joint venture violates the ban on cartels. A planned transaction may also possibly be viewed as a fusion, making is necessary to get the approval of the competition authority. Another question faced on a daily basis is how and exactly what should be communicated to consumers.

An enterprise faces many similar questions day-by-day, which require fast and effective actions, as inadequate or omitted measures may have serious consequences (e.g. penalties). Our specialists believe that the most effective and cost-saving solution for competition law-, advertisement law- and consumer protection-related problems is professional prevention.

What our law firm offers:

  • Assistance in deciding whether a planned transaction will require permission from the competition authority (preparation of a preliminary analysis from a fusion-authorization point of view);
  • Exposition of what risks may be faced, how the operation needs to be restructured in order to comply with competition law, advertisement law and consumer protection law regulations (Compliance?specific legal due diligence, review of internal provisions and practice with the involvement of forensic specialists if needed;
  • Preliminary review of cooperation agreements, system of contracts, assistance in harmonization with regulations;
  • Preliminary opinions on marketing plans and materials;
  • Legal representation before authorities and courts in competition law, advertisement law and consumer protection law disputes.