Public sector and market players all can count on us

In the transport sector, cooperation between public sector and market players, as well as the adequate legal application of possibilities or limitations laid down in the related regulations are of outstanding significance.

High-quality advising is only attainable if lawyers have satisfactory expertise in and knowledge of both the national regulations of transportation and the special features of the state and governmental operations, and they are familiar with European Community regulations, as well as closely linked areas such as public administration, public procurement, state aid, competition law, etc. Because our professionals possess all the necessary experience, they can provide legal advisory services related to the transport sector.

What our law firm offers:

  • Legal due diligence of players in the transport industry, assistance in transactions;
  • Analysis of legal issues that arise during the construction of intermodal nodes;
  • Preparation and review of public service contracts;
  • Legal representation of transport service providers in public procurement procedures;
  • Legal advice to supervisory authorities;
  • Legal and professional assistance in the preparation of regulations;
  • Preparation of new legal concepts to be implemented in the transport sector.